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"Architectonica CC" has a permission to particular types of works, issued by the self-regulatory organization SRO NP POSO with possibilities to the construction of buildings, installation of engineering networks and systems.

Permission for the construction of business centers, building of ware-house complexes etc. is a document that confirms correspondence of project documentation to the requirements of town-planning project of the plot of land, and it gives the builder the right to carry out building, reconstruction of capital structures, and also their major repairs in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation of 30.12.2009 № 624.

Building of multifunctional shopping centers, and also retail and office centers’ construction, reconstruction of these capital structures, and also their major repairs, if during its fulfilment some structural and other features of reliability and safety of such objects are affected, are carried out on the basis of construction permission.