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Snow Queen opening in Cheboksary 04.04.2012

A new store of clothing and accessories "The Snow Queen" was opened in Cheboksary, Leninskaya Komsomol st., 21A


Snow Queen store opening in Cherepovets 25.03.2012

We are glad to inform that the new store "The Snow Queen" is available for customers at mall "June", located at Cherepovets, Godovikova st., 37. The largest by area of ​​the store for the entire period of construction area of ​​1600 sq.m. passed the whole cycle of works from pre to general construction and engineering "turnkey".


Snow Queen store opening in Ufa 13.03.2012

A new multi-brand store of Snow Queen network was opened in Ufa. On the area of ​​1100 sq.m.  there were installation of engineering systems, shop and finishing areas vending equipment designed by architectural projects, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical equipment and electrical installations.


Snow Queen store opening in Samara 23.01.2012

On the eve of the New Year there was the long-awaited opening of Snow Queen shop in the family shopping center "Mega" (Samara), located at the address: Samara, Moskovshoe highway, 5. The shop area of ​​900 square meters was conducted repair and construction, installation and finishing works "turn-key" and installation of commercial equipment.

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