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About Us

"Architectonica CC" is an engineering and construction company that provides with a set of works construction of social, administrative and commercial buildings and structures. 

The company also is engaged in engineering and interior design, civil engineering designing, which includes a few stages: development of conceptual designs, architectural and structural design, designing of engineering networks and systems of buildings and structures, coordination of project documentation.

Our organization has been in the business of commercial construction for more than eight years. We successfully fulfil all tasks  in favor of the customer's interest. The major part of works is supplied for commercial and public projects.

To further advance its mission, "Architectonica CC" employs a dedicated staff  of engineers, architects and workers. The company staff structure consists of several departments: engineering, technical and designing departments, management department. In the organization we actively prepare, retrain and develop empoyees' skills. The wide experience and high professional skills of our team allows to carry out projects quickly and qualitatively.

Our mission and goals

The main company mission is a realization of high qualitative constructive projects in the shortest period. From the conceptual design and construction commencement till completion of work we conduct construction objects.

To follow out the process for every stage of construction we are working out detail estimate of construction costs and finding optimal decisions and agreements for the customers.

      Our goals are:

We provide the customers with a technical support and full information about construction process.

The strategy of company is to get correct and efficient decisions.